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Queen of Wands Psychic Fair – Unlocking the Mysteries at Wallaroo

Melissa Smith

The historic town of Wallaroo braces for a supernatural influx

Find your inner mystic next weekend, December 16 and 17 as The Queen of Wands Psychic Fair takes their “Spiritual Carnival” on the road, travelling to the beachside town of Wallaroo on the Copper Coast.

The Queen of Wands Psychic Fair, is your golden ticket to meet and greet over 40 spiritual and psychic experts, each with their own unique bag of tricks. For two days, Wallaroo Town Hall will be transformed into a haven for psychic seekers, with mediums, tarot readers, astrologers, and palm readers at every turn. It’s like a spiritual smorgasbord, and your destiny is on the menu.

Not only can you take a peek into the future with a psychic reading, but you can also connect with the dearly departed as the Queen of Wands promises otherworldly encounters with loved ones who have crossed over. It’s like a family reunion but with spirits instead of Aunty Margaret’s meatloaf.

And if you thought the fair was just about crystal balls and tarot cards, think again. The mystical merchants offer a plethora of metaphysical, spiritual, pagan & Wiccan supplies. From crystals to candles, incense to witchy wares, you can stock up on all the essentials for your next seance or potion-making session. Who knew the afterlife needed so many accessories?

For those who are feeling adventurous, you can hop on board the “Tarot Made Simple” workshop led by Don McLeod to unravel the mysteries of Tarot. Don has more than 35 years of Tarot experience and he literally wrote the book on it. His book, “Real Tarot,” is included in the workshop package, ensuring you’ll leave with not just spiritual enlightenment but a handy reference guide too.

A highlight of this metaphysical spectacle is ‘An Evening with Spirit.’ Get in quick for this popular event, featuring three gifted mediums – Kate Douglass, Kaysey Mackenzie, and Lisa Simmons. They’ll be bridging the gap between this world and the next, channeling spirits and delivering messages that will leave you wondering if Aunty Margaret ever really forgave you for throwing her meatloaf to the dog.

So, mark your calendars for a date with your destiny, and remember, it’s free entry because in the world of the Queen of Wands Psychic Fair, spiritual enlightenment should be accessible to all – or at least those who can find the Wallaroo Town Hall.

Wallaroo Town Hall
December 16 & 17
10am – 4pm
Find tickets here.
Find tickets here.


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