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E.W. Stevens Trust Fund Extends a Helping Hand

Melissa Smith

E.W. Stevens Trust Fund – Empowering Regional SA Students

Applications are open for students in remote and regional areas of South Australia to receive up to $5000 in scholarship grants through the E.W Stevens Trust Fund.

In a bid to support the education of South Australian students facing financial hardship, the Trust, established in 1988, has been a welcomed resource for regional students aged 16-25,  grappling with financial constraints.

The brainchild of a generous bequest from the late Earnest William Stevens, a retired Fleurieu Peninsula builder, the Trust initially found its roots with the United Farmers and Stock Owners of SA Inc. Over time, the South Australian Farmers’ Federation assumed the role of Trustee, and today, Primary Producers SA proudly carries the torch as the custodian of the fund.

The E.W. Stevens Trust Fund provides a lifeline to eligible students, offering scholarships to cover a range of educational expenses. These funds can be utilised for things like board and accommodation, textbooks and course materials, uniforms, and essential IT equipment such as laptops or digital media.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be able to demonstrate financial hardship, criteria that can be met through various means, including being a Rural Business Support Client. This approach ensures that deserving students have an equal opportunity to access the support they need.

It’s important to note that the E.W. Stevens Trust Fund operates on a capped basis, providing up to $5000 per student annually. However, the door remains open for students to reapply the following year, giving them the chance for continued support throughout their educational pathways.

As the deadline for applications approaches, all candidates are urged to submit their applications via email by January 12, 2024. The scholarships, while invaluable, are limited in number and subject to availability.

By investing in the education of students facing financial challenges, The E.W Stevens Trust is sowing the seeds for a brighter future for rural and regional South Australians.

To find out more and submit an application, click here.


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