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Greater SA – Connecting Regional SA ‘Virtually’ Everywhere

A brand new “modern media” platform, delivering a daily dose of stories on regional South Australia’s unique characters, booming businesses, news and events has been unveiled.

Greater SA has launched a web-based news platform, aimed at celebrating and uniting the people of South Australia’s charming and picturesque outer-lying areas.

The brainchild of two creative-minded women who share a passion for regional SA, Abbie Tiller and Melissa Smith have been unsurprisingly overwhelmed with the response to Greater SA.

“We know first-hand what drives country people and we also know that regional South Aussies are driven for community success and sustainability ,” Journalist and Content Creator, Abbie Tiller said.

“Regional newspapers are undoubtedly a great way to connect individual communities, but a platform where people can see what’s happening in other regions will unite country SA in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

The Smith and Tiller collaboration began in the midst of Covid-19 – when the two writers put their heads together each Saturday while sitting in the car watching their children play country sport each weekend.

“Before I knew it, Abbie was on my doorstep brandishing a microphone we aptly named Phallic Phil, and we launched a podcast called The 40’s Project, aimed at women navigating their middle years,” Co-creator, Melissa Smith said.

“Our focus has always been on keeping things real and relatable, and that will remain the key-ingredient to making Greater SA a success.

“Unless you’ve played an active role in a regional community, it’s hard to fathom that these small towns are a product of the hard-working people, striving to keep services, sports and businesses alive and there’s so many examples of that which need to be shared and celebrated.”

While South Australia has a wide expanse of rugged coastline, picturesque outback and amazing wineries, Greater SA is also about celebrating the areas in between.

“We come from the dusty plains of the Mid North and we know awesome things happen in these areas too” Abbie said.

“For Greater SA to help make SA even greater, we really hope regional South Aussies get behind the new media platform. It’s free to read and easy to access and we want people to reach out with their stories and events and be part of this new way of celebrating our regions”.

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