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The magic of the Fringe casts its spell across Regional SA

Photo – Yorke Peninsula Arts and Cultural Facilitator Sonya Rankine who has organised The Fringe on the YP initiative with events across a number of local venues

The Fringe Festival that injects creativity and colour into Adelaide each year stretches far beyond Adelaide’s CBD, with events and shows scattered across the entire state during the 31 days of the Fringe. Whether you live in a regional town or are hitting the road on a trip, Australia’s largest arts festival offers over 140 sessions held outside the city. Independent artists and venues depend on your support, encouraging you to attend shows throughout the state.

Executive Director of Adelaide Fringe, Jo O’Callaghan said, “Adelaide Fringe has always been a vibrant celebration of arts and culture across South Australia, but in recent years we have seen an eruption of shows and events in regional areas that has really bolstered Fringe as a statewide phenomenon. This growth has been fueled by our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that the magic of the Fringe is experienced far beyond the city limits. The impact on the regions has been profound; not only are these areas enjoying an influx of visitors and increased economic activity, but there’s also significant cultural enrichment happening. Local communities are engaging with Fringe with more and more gusto each year, resulting in the emergence of regional hubs in areas like the Coonawarra, Clare Valley and the York and Eyre Peninsulas. For performers, the expansion into regional areas has opened new doors, with many local voices stepping onto the stage, and offering wider opportunities for all artists to showcase their talents and reach audiences they may not have previously encountered. We’ve witnessed shows participate in the regions in addition to their city shows and then just make that a repeat activity in their Fringe calendar each year as a result of the response they’ve experienced in the regions.”

From a side-splitting comedy at Streaky Bay to live music at Murray Bridge, it’s not only about seeing talented performers and artists but also an opportunity for our beautiful South Australian regions to show what they’re made of. Why not take a trip beyond the city boundaries, and enjoy a fringe event while discovering the uniqueness of our state, its incredible people, and communities? Food, wine, breathtaking scenery, coastal towns, the rugged outback ranges and country hospitality all await you for a Fringe Festival like no other.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival runs from Friday February 16 – Sunday March 17. For more information head to the Fringe website and start planning your regional Fringe experience today.



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