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Farmers can now shop around on price with ensuring best deals and fair pricing for farmers

Farmers can now “shop around” from the comfort of their tractor seats, with a game-changing new business providing a straightforward solution to get the best bang for their buck when it comes to costly inputs like fertiliser and chemical.

With the 2024 season in the planning stages, enables farmers to connect with suppliers on a national scale, ensuring they get the best deals and have a benchmark for fair pricing, by tendering their farm inputs and receiving quotes.

The brains behind the new tendering platform is Kimba’s Fraser Kessling, a mechanical engineer, and his father, Averell, who’s been crunching Ag numbers in finance and accounting for over 35 years. The father and son aim to deliver practical savings for farmers and empower them to enhance their own farming profitability.

Designed for farmers of all sizes as well as group buyers across the nation, gives farmers the opportunity to easily submit tenders, compare quotes and create buying groups, streamlining the procurement process.

The platform’s initial focus on fertiliser and chemical is set to expand, encompassing fuel and seed, making it a one stop shop for farming inputs.

“As the 2024 cropping season approaches, is witnessing farmers submitting tenders for essential inputs. The platform’s key features benefit both farmers and suppliers. Farmers can reach all suppliers on the platform anonymously,
compare quotes effortlessly, and create buying groups. Suppliers, in turn, enjoy a low 0.5% finder’s fee, reducing overheads and expanding their market reach and accessing more business,” Fraser said.

Already, more than 50 suppliers have signed up to the platform nationally, with over 250 buyers using the technology, resulting in a 100 per cent success rate for group buying tenders, which were provided with an average of six quotes.

Data over a 28 day period from December to January 8, 2024, indicated a significant variation of 12.97 per cent in Glyphosate pricing.

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