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South Aussie Pubs serving seriously scrutinised Schnitzels

Photo – Dirdy Birdy Chicken Schnitzel, Wheatsheaf Hotel Allendale North. PIC Kirsty Glen

SA Schnitzel fans suss out the best venues for a serve of crispy crumbed goodness

In true Aussie fashion, we’ve taken the iconic German Schnitzel and claimed the delectable breaded meat dish as our own, simply by adding chips and calling it a “schnitty”.

Not only have we been enjoying the pub classic for decades, we’ve been culinarily-clever in creating an ever-growing menu of sauces and a long list of “toppings” that supersize a Schnitty meal and put it up there into the next bracket on the calorie counter.

South Aussies have taken their appreciation for a decent Schnitty to a new level, with close to 100,000 Schnitzel fans forming an online group to rate and review the ‘tender on the inside, crispy on the outside’ plate load of goodness.

These guys are the Gordon Ramsay’s of the Schnitz world. Sick of shitty Schnittys, the South Aussie Schnitzel Review Group offers a space to “share and rate the hot spots – toppings, prices etc and shame those who serve sub-standard bread crumbed goodness”.

I’ve gotta say, after following the page for some time now, the simple practise of tucking into a chicken Schnitzel with Dianne at the local pub has taken on a whole new meaning. I have little doubt Schnitzel Chefs all over SA are upping their game to avoid being called out on a shitty Schnitty.

I’m more of an interested onlooker in the group than a regular reviewer. Although I do have a penchant for the popular pub classic AND I’ve been a member of the local’s footy club’s Schnitty Committee, I’m a little shy of some of the group’s passionate and outspoken culinary connoisseurs.

However I bravely reached out and secured some important information to share with you all, starting with the best place to tuck into a schnitty in country SA.

$12 Schnitzel nights at Lower Light Hotel…..tell me more!

If you like good old fashioned prices, served with good old fashioned salads, the Lower Light Hotel is right up there with die-hard reviewers.

The little Highway pub, just a short drive North of the City, attracts hundreds of diners each week, with not one, but two designated Schnitzel nights. Locally sourced, home cooked and served with  7-8 freshly made salads or veggies, a Monday and Thursday night Schnitty meal at the Lower Light will set you back just $12.

$12 Schnitty night at the Lower Light Hotel

South Aussie Schnitzel Review Group member, Kirsty Glen, can’t go past the Wheatsheaf Hotel at Allendale North for her Schnitty fix.

“Every meal here is amazing in its taste and is so tender and moist. I had the Dirdy Birdy Chicken Schnitzel, which is a garlic prawn topping with bacon and avocado, all for $30.”
Other big players in the SA Schnitzel stakes include Wallaroo’s Weroona Bay Hotel, the Maccy Pub at Macclesfield, Maitland’s Yorke Valley Hotel, Flinders Rest Hotel at Warnertown and the famous Gungellan Hotel at Freeling.
Good grub at the Maccy Pub
As for the key elements to look for when reviewing a schnitzel – some major considerations for group members include crumb to meat ratio, crumb crispness, value for money, sides and sauces. Sneaking sweaty, squished chips underneath the hero of the dish is also a bone of contention.
So whether its crumbed beef or chicken, pork, squid or eggplant, make the most of being spoilt for choice with Schnitzels galore in SA pubs.



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