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Don’t Get Ripped Off at the Pump this Long Weekend

Melissa Smith

Fuel your savings with real-time petrol prices

No one wants to be ripped off at the bowser, especially on a long weekend! A three-day break is the perfect time to enjoy South Australia’s magnificent regions and with cost-of-living pressures front of mind,  South Aussies are urged to get the best price at the pump with real-time petrol price monitoring.

According to the RAA, real-time petrol price monitoring is estimated to have saved South Australian motorists an average of $342 per year. Under the fuel pricing information scheme, fuel retailers are required to report their prices to a central database within 30 minutes of changing the price at the pump.

Drivers can then access free fuel price information via fuel price apps including Petrol Spy, Motor Mouth, the RAA app, SA Bowser: Should I Fuel?, Fuel Price Australia, ServoTrack, and Pumped, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) inspectors regularly monitor service stations including South Australia’s popular tourism destinations.

Andrea Michaels, Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs urges SA drivers to be on the lookout – “if the price at the pump doesn’t match the price on the app, please report it to CBS.”

With that in mind, petrol station operators can face penalties of $649 or fines in court of up to $10,000 – especially if they have ignored previous warnings. CBS has conducted more than 2500 inspections, investigated 1780 complaints, and issued 323 warnings and 44 expiations resulting in more than $28,500 in fines and levies since the scheme’s introduction.

Anyone who believes a service station is in breach is encouraged to report it here.



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