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“May the Fourth” be With You at Blyth Cinema

Melissa Smith

A Galactic Gathering at the Blyth

Here’s your chance to celebrate everyone’s favourite unofficial Star Wars holiday in style – a movie marathon at SA’s Blyth Cinema.

“May the Fourth” all started with a clever pun when a politician’s well-wishers used the phrase “May the Force be with you,” on… you guessed it, May the 4th.

Now, the Blyth Cinema is giving you the chance to relive the magic of the original Star Wars trilogy on the big screen, digitally remastered in its 4K glory with Episodes IV, V, and VI, all in one epic day.

Doors open at 2:30pm, so grab your Star Wars crew and settle in for a trip to a galaxy far far away. There’ll be breaks between each film to fuel up with some galactic goodies. Pikes Beer Company and Greg Cooley Wines will be on hand to quench your thirst, while Clare Rise Bakery will keep you filled with delicious treats.

Peckish for something a little more familiar? Fear not, Padawan! There’ll be a full candy bar stocked with popcorn, soft drinks, ice creams, and all your favourite movie snacks.

As the wise Yoda said “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” So don’t try to resist the Force pulling you towards this awesome event.

Grab your tickets now for $25 and prepare for a day filled with lightsaber battles, epic one-liners, and the undeniable thrill of seeing Star Wars on the big screen once again.

Star Wars Movie Marathon at Blyth
Saturday May 4, from 3pm
Where: Blyth Cinema, 15 Moore St Blyth
For tickets and more information, click here. 


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