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Gumeracha’s beloved Big Rocking Horse Gets a Well-Deserved Facelift

– Snyders Painting Services Pty Ltd
Melissa Smith

A lick of paint transforms Gumeracha’s iconic Big Rocking Horse from faded to fabulous

Let’s be honest, after 43 years, we could all do with a make-over and Gumeracha’s Big Rocking Horse got just that!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of local businesses, this treasured landmark has been spruced up for the continued enjoyment of visitors for years to come.

A local company, Snyders Painting,  was the think tank behind the idea of giving the horse a fresh coat of paint. They generously volunteered their time to complete the project and even took charge of organising the paint itself.

Repainting the massive equine friend took roughly 10 days and a whopping 220 litres of paint. This included 140 litres of crisp white paint, 20 litres of bold red paint, and 20 litres of sharp black paint. An impressive 40 litres of anti-corrosion coating, generously donated by Haymes Paint, was also used to ensure the horse weathers the elements for years to come.

Mell Penno, the owner of the Big Rocking Horse, is absolutely delighted by the outpouring of community support for this iconic landmark.

“The project would have cost a staggering $100,000 to complete,” Mell Penno said. “We are truly humbled and incredibly grateful for the generosity of our local suppliers and volunteers. Their support has been invaluable.”

The World’s Biggest Rocking Horse

Standing proudly at over 18 meters tall amongst the Gumeracha treetops, this impressive structure is the world’s biggest rocking horse, affectionately named “Wal” after its original owner, Wal Wilkinson. Back in 1973, after opening the Wooden Toy Factory, Wal decided to create a large roadside attraction to draw in passing traffic. His ingenious idea has become a beloved landmark.

For just $2, you can climb to the very top of the Big Rocking Horse, and for a mere $4 extra, you can embark on an adventure through the neighbouring fauna park. Here, you can interact with and feed resident kangaroos, peacocks, goats, wallabies, emus, alpacas, and a menagerie of birdlife. There’s even a children’s petting zoo complete with adorable miniature goats and a tiny town for the kids (yours not the goats!) to hang out with a gang of gorgeous guinea pigs.

The iconic Wooden Toy Factory, originally built to attract customers and the birthplace of the Big Rocking Horse, is still very much in operation. Here, you’ll find high-quality, handcrafted toys and souvenirs made by the skilled team at Bedford Industries and assembled right there at the Gumeracha factory.

The Big Rocking Horse, along with all its park facilities including the newly revamped cafe, is open from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week. The perfect school holiday activity!

The Big Rocking Horse
Where: 452 Torrens Valley Road, Gumeracha
Cost: $2 to climb The Big Rocking Horse/ $4 to enter the Fauna Park
For info: Click here


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