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Geoff Brock stands down from Ministerial roles

Abbie Tiller

Geoff Brock, South Australian Minister for Local Government, Regional Roads and Veterans Affairs, has resigned from his Ministerial duties, stating that almost 12 months since suffering a heart attack, he has decided to step back, in the best interests of his health, his family and his constituents.

In a Ministerial Statement, Brock was granted leave, but stated he would remain dedicated to his electorate of Stuart and local communities across the Upper Spencer Gulf.

“Serving as Minister has been one of the greatest privileges of my life,” his statement reads.

“I have always believed in making the most of every opportunity that has come my way, and I’ve fought hard for the communities and regions I’m so passionate about.

Port Pirie, Port Augusta and Whyalla have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring in a new era of economic prosperity for our State. It will be my job to make sure this opportunity is seized for this generation, and the next.”

He said stepping back had been one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make.

“I appreciate the Premier’s understanding when I explained my circumstances and my decision to resign as Minister.

The Premier asked me to stay on until after the Major Economic Summit which was an incredible success for our community.

This decision to resign now allows me to put all of my energy into my role as the Member for Stuart, and I want to assure the house that I will be continuing on as the local MP and I intend to contest the next election in 2026.”

Acknowledging a few of his proudest achievements as Minister, Brock noted the Local Government Advice Scheme, which was implemented by the previous government, but commenced during the current term.

“Despite heavy and misplaced criticism, the work of ESCOSA has provided assurance to councils and ratepayers, and where appropriate, identified risks to their financial sustainability.”

He said “transparency is the key to the Scheme and I urge Elected Members and ratepayers to interrogate the finances of their councils.”

“One of my biggest challenges on becoming Minister for Local Government was how to deal with the neglected mess that was left to me by my predecessors — four years of Coober Pedy Council being under administration, and no plan to get them out of it.

Two years of hard work and providing transparency by putting the facts to the public — especially to the citizens of the township itself — I can say I am confident that we are turning the corner. My successor will, I’m sure, have more to say in the near future.

As Minister for Regional Roads, I’ve been determined to drive along as many of our 18,000 kilometres of State-maintained sealed roads, as well as venturing – when possible – onto some of the 9,400 kilometres of our unsealed road network across our beautiful outback.”

Continuing his address to the Speaker, Brock said “I was very pleased to establish the Outback Roads Consultative Form, with its inaugural meeting next month, co-convened by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and the Outback Communities Authority.”

“I am very proud of my achievements in the Veterans Affairs portfolio and supporting the brave men and women who wear our nation’s uniform continues to be a priority for the South Australian Government.

During this term of Government, we’ve seen some great outcomes for veterans and their families, including:

  • $2.075 million dollars in new funding to enable the creation of the Veteran Community Security Framework, consisting of a Comprehensive Outreach Program and Veterans and Family Growth Support Program;
  • the inclusion of an identifier tickbox on education admission forms to ensure that children of veterans and ADF members receive adequate support at school;
  • the installation of a ‘Thailand Paver’ on the Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk;
  • the successful delivery of the Adelaide pilot Cowork Coplay program to support partners of ADF veterans pursue meaningful employment activities and build community connections;
  • the relocation of the Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill to the Torrens Parade Ground; and
  • the announcement of 19th October, as War Widows Day in South Australia.

There is of course, more work to be done, and the Royal Commission into Defence and Veterans Suicide’s final report in September will be instrumental in guiding future policy in the Veterans Affairs space.”

“I say farewell as Minister – however my work as a local member of Parliament representing the people of Stuart, work that I love, continues and I will always put my best foot forward in their interest.”

In closing, Brock thanked his dedicated staff for the past two years and his family who have shown patience and understanding.


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