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Miss Gracie Taylors – a Book Lovers’ Dream

Melissa Smith

In the picturesque Clare Valley lies a haven of literature

Miss Gracie Taylor’s Pre Loved Books in the heart of Clare has been bringing the joy of reading and literature to the valley community for over 15 years.

Nigelle-Ann, the passionate owner and creator behind this literary venture set off on this journey after an unexpected twist of fate. Having previously owned a local business, she and her husband sold up and started dreaming of plans for an overseas adventure. However, when the world faced uncertainty, and with two young children in tow, they reconsidered. Seizing the opportunity presented, and encouraged by her husband, Nigelle-Ann decided to follow her dream of opening a bookstore.

The store’s humble beginnings featured eight bookcases and 500 books, but the demand quickly outgrew the space. With dedication and an enduring love for books and literature, Nigelle-Ann expanded the store, adding bookcase by bookcase, and introducing new genres along the way. Now situated on Main North Road, the store enjoys both foot traffic and incidental passersby who wander and shop along Clare’s Main Street.

With a huge collection of  50,000 books, all meticulously curated and in excellent condition, Miss Gracie Taylor’s Pre Loved Books offers a wealth of wordy treasures. The store prides itself on providing good-quality preloved books at affordable prices, inviting readers to dig around the impressive pre-loved collection.

A love affair with books was ignited during Nigelle-Ann’s childhood, as she soaked up the words of Enid Blyton. Initially struck by the tales from the Faraway Tree, her love for books had only just begun. Today, she champions local authors, with Meredith Appleyard and Fiona McIntosh standing out as favourites. Appleyard, with her latest work, “Daisy and Kate,” incorporates local areas into her narratives, creating a special connection with the local community, while McIntosh takes readers on a trip down memory lane with her suspenseful stories of bygone eras.

“Miss Gracie Taylor”, chosen by Nigelle-Ann using a combination of her children’s middle names, is not only a local treasure but also has an online presence through Shop Local SA, ensuring book lovers beyond the Clare Valley can take part in her literary offerings.

Nigelle-Ann’s commitment to her patrons goes way beyond shelves of books, as she sets out on book-seeking missions, finding specific titles and happily placing orders, promising “If it’s out there, I will find it for you.” And to give back to the community she loves, Nigelle-Ann participates in the Clare Santa Trail every year, spreading the love for reading by gifting books to both children and adults throughout the community over the festive season.

Despite the digital age, Nigelle-Ann believes books are here to stay. Her own personal taste in literature is as diverse as her beloved store’s collection. While she has a soft spot for fiction centered around crime stories, she’s not so keen on real-life drama. Romance novels, even the tried and true love stories of Mills and Boon, find a special place on her shelves.

Miss Gracie Taylor’s Pre Loved Book Store, both online and from its shop front, shows the enduring magic of books and a little girl’s dream becoming reality.

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Miss Gracie Taylors Pre Loved Books 
282 Main North Road


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