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Get Your Hands on Some Juicy Festive Goodness as Cherry Season Hits

It’s Cherry Season!

A favourite time of year for many and the “Summer Cherry Fest Map” together with the “Fresh Food App” by the Cherry Growers Association serves as the ultimate guide for cherry enthusiasts.

The detailed map pinpoints locations where you can purchase cherries directly from the Packing Shed Door or get your hands dirty by picking your own. Additionally, it provides information on other offerings and activities available at each orchard.

Two of the orchards featured are Fleurieu Cherries at Pages Flat and Charleston Cherries at Charleston.

For over 25 years, Fleurieu Cherries has been a haven for cherry enthusiasts, grown with organic fertilizers and seaweed. The orchard boasts 20 varieties, including Glacier and the white-fleshed Dame Nancy.

From mid-December 2023, cherry lovers can plan their picking session by visiting the pick-your-own page. The entry fee is $10 for adults and $5 for kids to enjoy the hands-on experience of filling a bucket with luscious cherries, priced at $15/kg. But the experience doesn’t end there. Fleurieu Cherries has an array of products available at the farm store including cherry jams, liqueurs, and ice cream to round off your cherry-picking adventure.

Celebrating two fruitful decades since planting their first cherry tree, Charleston Cherries entices visitors with thousands of trees with 12 distinct varieties. From the early ripening Merchant and Chelan in December to the late bloomers Dame Roma and Sweetheart turning cherry-red around Christmas time, the orchard promises a fabulous cherry-picking experience, accessible for all. For those seeking more than just cherries, take a stroll to Charlestown Conservation Park for some kangaroo sightings, or a 10-minute drive north to Gumeracha to climb The Big Rocking Horse.

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Cherries have been gracing Aussie orchards since the late 1800s, and Australians can’t get enough, consuming over 7,000 tonnes of fresh cherries every year, but did you know, cherries aren’t just a delight for your taste buds? A recent study commissioned by the Victorian Cherry Association spills the beans on the extraordinary health benefits of these ruby-red gems – and it’s a case of  “the more, the merrier”. Cherries can help in slowing or inhibiting the progression of cancer, ageing, neurological diseases, cardiovascular conditions, and inflammation. They might even lend a helping hand in detoxifying foreign substances.

So, this summer, enjoy your cherry stash, not just for the taste but for the wealth of health benefits these cherished fruits bring to your plate.

Find out more information about SA’s Cherry Season and download the “Summer Cherry Fest Map” and “Fresh Food App” here.




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