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Clare Valley Enterprises hosts its first-ever Art Exhibition

Clare Valley Enterprises Art Exhibition

‘Clare Community Options’ steps into the Art World

A collaboration between the art-loving community of the ‘Arts Collective’ and disability service provider, ‘Clare Valley Enterprises’ has resulted in a new and exciting art exhibition.

This talented group has embraced their creativity with a unique and eclectic debut exhibition of mixed media pieces, including bold and bright tie-dyed garments and nail and thread creations.

But this exhibition goes beyond artwork displayed on walls. More importantly, it celebrates diversity, inclusion, and those living with a disability who are learning new skills, making connections, and being part of the wider world, stepping into the arts.

Clare Valley Enterprises has been a part of the Clare Community for over 25 years and was born out of a shared vision, in which several families came together to find a better way to deliver quality services and opportunities for friends and family members living with a disability.  Fast forward to now, and the tailor-made, individualised services that Clare Valley Enterprises provide are leading the way in regional South Australian disability services.

Their home and community options program provides a range of activities that promote independence, and physical and psychological wellbeing. The dedicated staff encourages people to learn new skills, be active in the community, and make friends.

And what better way to do that than through the magic of art and creativity? With over 20 professional and emerging artists who make up the not-for-profit “collective” in Clare, the new-found group of budding artists is in good hands as they are nurtured on their path to creative pursuits.


Clare Home and Community Options Art Exhibition
Where:- Arts Collective, 8 Mill St Clare
When:- March 21-28, 10:30am-3pm

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