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Celebrate Culture and Country at Nharangga Minlagawi Day

– The Warrior family delivered a range of activities at the 2023 event, from left to right Craig Warrior, Steven Warrior, Havanna Warrior, Bri Warrior, Maddi Warrior, Wynter Warrior, Shane Warrior and Mia Warrior
Melissa Smith

Taste, Learn, and Create at Nharangga Culture Day

Take a trip into the heart of Nharangga tradition at the Nharangga Minlagawi Cultural Day. This lively celebration allows you to dip your toe into the past and experience the rich heritage of the Narangga people firsthand.

Learn about their traditional knowledge, stories, and how they’ve cared for the land for generations. Explore the Minlagawi Gum Flat Reserve with guided walks led by Narangga people themselves, and gain a unique perspective about this special location.

Treat your taste buds to some delicious bush tucker like kangaroo tacos, damper cooked over a warm fire, lemon myrtle biscuits, and kangaroo soup – all bursting with the flavours of the land.

Stroll around the Nharangga Market, and find a one-of-a-kind treasure as you meet the artists and discover their passions. You can also find your creative streak with dance workshops and art sessions.

If that’s not your style, bring along a picnic basket, spread out and simply soak in the beauty of Nharangga Country.

No matter your age or interests, there’s something for everyone on Minlagawi Day – an opportunity to learn, celebrate, and connect with culture.

This free event is proudly brought to you by Nharangga Aboriginal Progress Association, Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation and Yorke Peninsula Council.

Nharangga Cultural Day
When: Sunday May 5, 10.30am – 1.30pm
Where: Minlagawi Gum Flat Reserve, Minlaton
Cost: Free

Registrations are essential. Find out more here.


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