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You apple-solutely must visit Lenswood “Pick Your Own”

– At Lenswood Pick Your Own
Melissa Smith

Lenswood’s Pick Your Own Apples season kicks off on February 24

Don’t be fooled thinking that this is your run-of-the-mill apple orchard because it’s anything but! Tucked away in the Adelaide Hills, owners Chris and Emily Shipway are a husband-and-wife duo turned apple farmers. Full of passion and a touch of craziness they transformed their Apple vision into reality. Both nurses in the city, they took on the challenge of an apple orchard without any farming experience. Now, they invite visitors to share in their apple-growing lifestyle, take part in the joy of picking fresh apples, and enjoy a memorable day out in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

The orchard has eight different apple varieties, including Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Red Delicious, Rosy Glow, Pink Lady’s, Sundowners, and the recently added Jonathans. The couple, who are not your typical generational farmers, have transformed their orchard into a must-visit tourism destination.

The orchard opens its gates from 9am to 4pm on February 24 and 25, welcoming visitors to explore the orchard, pick their own apples, and enjoy the newly added attractions. This season has a few surprises in store, including picnic tables, umbrellas, and a revamped cafe featuring locally made bakery items from The Lenswood General Store and Hokey Pokey Icecream.  

It’s not just apple picking to enjoy but a host of farm amusements, such as Apple Row Mini Golf, vintage tractors to play on, farm machinery displays, giant outdoor games, a Kids Scavenger Hunt, and an Information Trail to learn about apple cultivation. Chris and Emily also encourage visitors to chat with them, to gain a glimpse into their apple-growing journey.

The farm cafe is the perfect place for a bite to eat, stocked with locally produced food, bakery items, and the famous ‘Aussie Apple Pies.’ The Lenswood General Store takes pride in creating these delicious pies, a must-try while strolling through the orchard.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Lenswood for an apple-picking good time this season.

To read more about Chris and Emily’s incredible journey becoming apple growers, plus find out what else @Lenswood Pick Your Own has to offer, click here

@Lenswood Pick Your Own
February 24 & 25
122 Harris Rd, Lenswood


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