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“The Vale” – more than just a venue for Watervale

Watervale replaces Town Hall with brand new venue

What does a small-town community do when their old and tired Town Hall gives up the ghost? They build a new one of course. And for the residents of Watervale, led by the Community Association this was no ordinary Town Hall replacement. What was to come was a community hub, set amongst the beautiful backdrop of vineyards and the manicured greens of the Watervale Oval.
A modern facility to stand the test of time while giving back to the community.

Located just 15 kilometres south of Clare, Watervale is surrounded by small wineries, bed and breakfasts, a general store/café, and the famous Watervale Hotel. Additionally, the area boasts stunning natural surroundings and easy access to the Riesling Trail. This small town in the heart of the Clare Valley, with a population of just over 300 people, punches above its weight with the number of game changers and community driven individuals steering the town into the future.

Decade long commitment for community hub

But the journey toward the new version of a Town Hall’ was no walk in the park. Over the span of a decade, the Watervale Community Association, fuelled by dedicated volunteers, chipped away in attempts to bring their project to fruition. Their relentless efforts in grant applications finally paid off, securing funding from all levels of Government.

Situated within the town’s Oval precinct, The Vale has become a hub for the community. Home to three sporting clubs—the Watervale Redbacks Cricket Club, Tennis Club and Bowling Club—this new facility has added to the area, already fuelled by it’s respective committees in keeping it’s facilities up to date. Not just limited to sports enthusiasts, the Country Fire Service also finds its base here, creating a dynamic space where the community gathers.

Local construction management by MacKenzie Homes and Commercial, with all contractors being locally based, ensured a project with deep community connections. Countless volunteer hours were invested in planning, landscaping, and constructing, culminating in the grand opening of this modern facility last month.

Owned and managed by the Watervale Community Association, The Vale is more than a venue—it’s a community-run function centre. Every event hosted here, from conferences to birthday parties, contributes to the local community. The revenue generated through the facility’s hire is reinvested to support Watervale initiatives.

The official opening of The Vale, a celebration of years of hard work, marked a turning point for Watervale. They’d finally achieved their goal. The Watervale Tennis Club, riding on this success, is now actively fundraising for a fourth tennis court to become the leading facility within the region. And with stunning views from The Vale’s decked veranda, a day at the tennis is now even more appealing.

Beyond sports, The Vale not only benefits Watervale but also extends its reach to the surrounding district. It’s proven to be a versatile venue for all types of functions, from community events like bushfire education nights, conferences for Government organisations to social gatherings, with the community able to pop down on Friday nights for a chance to unwind at the aptly named “Greg Bryksy Bar.”

Greg, a pivotal figure in the association’s journey, played a leading role in transitioning from the old ‘Foresters Hall’ to the construction of The Vale. Having seen the project through, Greg has passed the leadership batton to Shannon Parker saying “The Vale is doing what it’s meant to be doing. It’s providing a town hall replacement and a place for the community to use. It’s now time for some new blood and new ideas on the committee.” Shannon and the Watervale Community Association look forward to sustaining its mission of providing a welcoming space for all.

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