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Sustainable fashion at R87

Jess Nourse is amongst a new wave of fashion designers embracing a greener approach to one of the highest polluting industries in the World.  But for the Clare designer, the road to sustainable fashion began back in ’87, with a pair of ripped jeans and some bleach, rocking her way through her teenage years.

Ripped in ’87 is now producing quality, classic, Australian made clothing, made to last the test of time.
Remember wearing clothes that used to be handed down through generations? Before manufacturers began churning out “fast response” fashion in the early 90’s?

The fashion industry is now the second-largest industrial polluter, accounting for about ten per cent of global pollution, ranking higher than emissions from air travel and maritime transport combined.

For Jess, designing and producing great clothing isn’t her only passion, keeping the Australian Manufacturing Industry alive is also very important to her and she’s spent many hours sourcing “Australian Made” wherever possible.

“Some of the cotton is grown in parts of Australia and sent offshore to be spun. It is then knitted, dyed and finished to a beautiful quality fabric by our Australian owned and operated textile manufacturer in Victoria,” Jess said.

From her side-hustle sewing room in her Service SA centre in Clare, Jess meticulously cuts and sews the fabric into her own unique designs, before each piece is sent to embroidery specialists in Adelaide. Every detail, down to the eyelets made by a third generation manufacturer in Victoria, is crafted on home shores. Even the funky R87 ribbon garments are wrapped in, are made from recycled plastic bottles, sourced from an Australian company.

“I know that choosing to source and manufacture within Australia is more expensive than going offshore, but to me it is worth the price tag in quality, sustainability and sovereignty,” Jess said.

The R87 range includes the Signature Collection Hoodie for men and women, with an ultra comfy curved hem, mid-length sweat shorts with discreet and functional in seam side pockets, a comfy and stylish kids range and Signature R87 socks.

“I have always believed that feeling good in what you wear has a huge impact on your mood and your confidence,” Jess said.
“I have always put thought into what I wear. Every outfit. Every day. Even my ‘stay at home and do the house work’ outfit.
For me, what I wear is more important than where I am going. So I guess starting my own clothing label was a natural progression. It was meant to be.”






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