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The South East town ‘bordering’ on SA’s best Ag town

Photo Grace Langley

Despite what the name suggests, Bordertown is almost 20km from our neighbouring state, and is well and truly South Australian!

Picturesque, with a rich history and equally rich soil, the gateway town, famous for being the birthplace of Labor’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, stands as a contender for the title of PIRSA’s Agricultural Town of the Year, competing against Eudunda and Wudinna for the coveted title.

It was the Gold Rush of Victoria when the township was established adjacent to the Tatiara Creek, with a base camp created by Police Inspector Alexander Tolmer who oversaw the gold escorts from the Goldfields of Victoria into Adelaide. Today, Bordertown thrives as a vibrant hub and essential service provider for the surrounding agricultural area.

Being a front runner for the title of Ag Town of the Year is an honour but not a big surprise for Tatiara’s passionate Mayor, Liz Goossens, who believes Bordertown “ticks all the boxes”.

“We have a diversity of agriculture here, ranging from beef, sheep, and dairy, to cropping, wine, hemp, and onions. she said.

Considered a ‘safe’ farming area with reliable conditions, agriculture is the backbone of Bordertown and Tatiara regions.

In collaboration with a forward-thinking local council, strong business connections, top-quality infrastructure, and local agricultural enterprises such as JBS Foods and Blue Lake Milling, who “think outside of the square”, there’s little doubt as to why Bordertown has experienced a significant population surge, marked by an impressive 11 per cent growth rate.

Alongside this, the town’s vibrant young population is choosing to remain in the region, bolstered by the backing of their robust community, they have the courage to “have a go” and pursue entrepreneurial endeavours, especially within the town’s new industrial area.

If the stars align and victory graces Bordertown, I wonder if the Mayor will channel a bit of Hawke charm and revive his iconic 1983 America’s Cup quote. How fantastic would it be to hear “Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum!” ringing out once more? Bordertown can only hope.

Watch this space for the other SA gems in the running for 2023 Ag Town of the Year.



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