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South Aussie Farmer flies solo after being snubbed from ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’

– Channel 7
Abbie Tiller

The sky’s the limit for Farmer Zac, after being cut from Farmer Wants a Wife’s top five

As suspense begins to mount for the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife, it seems the Channel Seven ‘reality show’ has hung a couple of South Aussie farmers out to dry!

Young Victor Harbor Dairy Farmer, Nick Mignanelli, and strapping Strathalbyn cropper, cattleman and helicopter pilot, Zac Taylor, were both looking forward to introducing a handful of lucky ladies to the beauty of regional SA when their quest for love was shattered.

Despite being splashed across various media outlets as part of the upcoming series’ top eight contestants, neither of SA’s good looking roosters made the cut in the final five farmers to endure the tangled web of emotions from wanna-be farmers’ wives.

But according to 28-year-old Zac, “some things just aren’t meant to be”.

That doesn’t mean the adventurous love-seeker has given up hope on finding the one. And as fellow regional South Aussies, with a bit of experience at love and farming, we’re in, guns-blazing, to lend him a hand.

Forget the fact that he lives in a picturesque farming region and is a hardworking entrepreneur who flies helicopters, this guys got good banter, which we believe should rate reasonably high in the long-term, sustainable partner search.

Zac grew up on the family’s cropping and cattle farm at Strathalbyn, where he still helps out in-between owning and running his own Adelaide Hills helicopter business, which specialises in both aerial solutions for farmers and station owners AND offers bespoke tours “exploring the skies less travelled”. What can we say, the guy’s got “balance”, in more ways than one!



He worked in Agronomy after studying at Roseworthy Ag College (possibly did a double degree in having fun and drinking Rum, but again, it’s all about balance right?)

And after working hard to achieve some of his life goals, he’s now ready to work at finding his soul mate—”someone who is honest, hardworking, down to earth, genuine, has a similar level of craziness but who also has their own independence.”

If honesty is the key for you, Zac’s your guy! He confesses to the conundrum of being scared of heights and suffering from claustrophobia in confined spaces, yet loves to soar high above the earth in a small propelled bubble.

“I’m very focused and driven. I’m a bit of a workaholic. And at times I have the mentality of a 12-year-old. But I like adult toys”, (the flying variety).

Farmer Zac is ready to add that someone special to his adventurous lifestyle, and given his preferred mode of transport, he’s not limited to the girl next door.

And to set the scene for a romantic date with that someone special, he says a secluded beach and a picnic hamper in the chopper “would go all right”.


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