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Relationship Expert weighs in on Farmer Wants a Wife

Photos – Channel 7
Bindy Taylor – Relationship Expert

The verdict is in – but have the farmers picked their perfect partners?

Bindy Taylor, a relationship expert and an internationally certified relationship coach, grew up on a farm in South Hummocks, in South Australia’s Mid-North. With a passion for helping others reshape their relationship with themselves and transform their love life, Bindy brings a blend of personal and professional experiences to share insights on the potential longevity of Season 14 ’Farmer Wants a Wife’ couples.

With ten marriages, two engagements and 27 kids, it’s safe to say that Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality dating show that gets results. Compared to its drama-filled, Channel 9 rival MAFS, I can confidently say that Farmer Wants a Wife has a sense of genuineness about it, especially when it comes to matching real-life people with real-life relationships. Will Season 14 boost the Farmer Wants a Wife’s success stats? I have a feeling it will.

Farmer Bert

Although Farmer Bert left the show single, I can visualise him preferring a more ‘typical’ dating scenario and ending up in a committed, long-term relationship when he is ready. While Bert faced challenges with emotional availability during the show, his emotional challenges were congruent with his decision to leave the show early. The pressures of filming, farm life and dating multiple partners at once were simply more than the introverted farmer could handle. In his own words, Bert declared “The farm never stops taking. There’s always more work to be done. Before I start a relationship with somebody, I want to be happy with the farm, happy with my life, and I guess happy with all of it.” I commend Bert for sharing his vulnerable side, a very commendable relationship trait that just made Bert sexier to the masses. Farm life is full of ups and downs, busy seasons and not many quiet seasons. He made it very clear that at this point in time, the farmer in fact does not want a wife.

Farmer Joe and Sarah

Farmer Joe was always very open about the heartbreak he experienced in the past and his desire to communicate openly and honestly at all times. One of Joe’s primary love languages is definitely ‘words of affirmation’, seeking out verbal communication from his partner to gauge how they are tracking in the relationship, allowing him to adjust and pivot his behaviour where needed. Towards the final few weeks, we saw some communication difficulties between Sarah and Joe as she struggled with Joe dating other women – probably legit. Joe encouraged Sarah to speak up, not wanting to repeat the blindside he experienced in his previous relationship. I love Joe’s commitment to personal growth and being open to change in order to sustain a healthy, loving, long-term partnership. Sarah and Joe are sweet but I’m not sure they’ll make the distance. My feeling is Sarah needs to do a bit more healing work, having pointed out she is still challenged by a previous relationship. Lucky Joe has branded himself well throughout the show, spending half of it with his shirt off!

Farmer Dustin and Sophie

I love this pairing, without a doubt, Sophie is beautiful, smart, classy, down to earth and obviously a really great communicator (Speech Therapist). Dustin’s bevvy of beautiful women distracted us along the way as we watched them live together like one big happy family. This mirrored Dustin’s own family life, which demonstrated warmth, vibrancy, love and closeness for one another. His Mum did try to throw us off the Sophie scent towards the end of the season by gunning heavily for her top pick, Belle. Alas, we all know we can’t pick our partner to make our parents happy. I feel like Sophie demonstrates the maturity and awareness Dustin needs to join him on the family farm in the remote community of Condo. I predict Sophie and Dustin do the long-distance thing for a relatively short time before Sophie makes the permanent move to Condo and into Dustin’s forever arms.

Farmer Todd and Daisy

Well. What can I say, Todd picked the very person everyone told him not to. After pretty much the first date, Daisy declared her love for Todd. As the show progressed and Todd’s potential suitors met his family and close friends, they all flew the red Daisy flag after their one-on-one meetings with the divorced gym manager. Daisy openly declared her fast love for farmer Todd, who is clearly admired by his close-knit set of friends and family. All of the respective parties pulled him aside to share their gentle dissatisfaction with the paring and Daisy’s resemblance to his ex-partner (of whom he self-declared spending ‘a difficult six years with’). Unlike Joe, I feel like Todd wasn’t presenting with any learnings from his previous break-up. With this in mind, my advice to Todd would be to pull back the relationship gear stick and take it slow. Allow true love to blossom and surpass the honeymoon period. These periods can last one year or even two years. Trust and safety take time to develop. I predict we will see them together on the reunion show, they may even take their romance to the next level, but I’m not sure it’s got long-term sustainability.

Farmer Dean and Teegan

I like these two, and let’s face it, Farmer Dean was never going to pick his other two suitors. After some early, MAFS-like controversy with an anonymous text landing in Farmer Dean’s inbox stating Teegan had a boyfriend, this drama only seemed to propel the two closer together. They managed to turn the setback into a giant leap forward, with Farmer Dean announcing he would be leaving the show to take his romance with Teegan off-line. Dean is keen for a wife (title of the show) and Teegan doesn’t shy away from her desire to settle down. I’m on the fence as to whether these two will stay together. I do think it will be a slow and steady burn and am interested to hear their update at the reunion show.

Farmer Tom and Sarah

Farmer Tom was the second farmer to leave Farmer Wants a Wife, confessing his love for the 23-year-old Speech Therapist, Sarah. Although Farmer Tom shared some passionate smooches with runner-up, Krissy, we could tell Sarah was his numero uno from the get-go. When Tom was finally able to confess his love for Sarah, he was met with her own confession of love. Whilst at times I found myself feeling a bit cringy at their awkward dates, I think it was just the uncertainty around knowing how the other person felt. Their final declaration of love for each other sealed the deal and therefore removed any fear of rejection. I like this pairing, all signs indicate these two will go from strength to strength and build a beautiful future together.

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