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Port Lincoln Artist shines at Kimba Art Prize

Kimba Art Prize Winner Sandy Harder and “Botanical Bliss”
Melissa Smith

Creativity and talent are on show at Kimba with yet another volunteer-run event by the dynamic community of Kimba.

This year’s Kimba Art Prize competition boasted a generous total prize pool of $6,000, divided among six categories, making it an event worth celebrating for artists and art lovers.

Almost 160 pieces of art are adorning the walls of the Kimba Institute and Town Hall, inviting visitors until Thursday, September 28th.

The task of judging the array of artwork fell upon the shoulders of Judge Paul Northam, a distinguished artist, curator, and seasoned judge of art prizes across Australia and the world. His expertise was evident as he provided detailed notes on several pieces, underlining the high quality of work on display.

The crowning jewel of the event was the presentation of the overall Kimba Art Prize, which was once again claimed by the talented Port Lincoln artist, Sandy Harder. Her piece titled “Botanical Bliss” was praised by the judge as a “gorgeous, sensual celebration of colour” and a “work of assured mark-making.” Harder masterfully blended precision and subtlety in her art, creating a keenly observed encounter with the beauty of nature.

Alysha Sparks with her painting “In My Heart”.

In the Fine Art category, Jamestown artist Alysha Sparks took the spotlight with her piece “In My Heart.” Judge Paul Northam described it as “exquisite”, guiding the viewer’s eye on a continuous journey.

The Photography Prize found its deserving recipient in Tasmanian photographer Tom Polacheck for his drone photography piece titled “Alien Within The Landscape.” The judge commended it as “a stunning photograph” that brilliantly balanced form, line, shape, and colour.

Tom Polacheck’s “Alien Within the Landscape”

Caitlin Schaefer, a talented photographer, secured the Local Artist Prize with her piece “Free To Be Me.” This was Caitlin’s second time receiving this honour, with the judge praising her work as “strong and memorable,” noting the extraordinary lighting that combined natural and studio lighting to perfection.

“Free To Be Me” Caitlin Schaefer

The Hanger’s Prize, a unique recognition determined by the votes of eight volunteers who hung the exhibition, was won by Kimba artist Teresa Ramsey for her piece “Our Backyard.” Her work clearly resonated with the volunteers, consistently appearing as a favourite.

“Our Backyard” by Kimba’s Teresa Ramsey

While the final People’s Choice Prize remains to be awarded, visitors had the pleasure of experiencing the extraordinary craftsmanship of former local residents Ross Powell and Ean Nielsen. Their handmade guitars and ukuleles, showcased throughout the exhibition, served as a testament to their remarkable skills.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the People’s Choice Award to see which piece captured the hearts of the community.

Kimba Art Prize Exhibition
Kimba Institute 9am-5pm
Until Thursday Sept 28


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