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Port Bonython to become a Clean, Green, Hydrogen Machine.

:An artist’s impression of the SA government’s proposed $590 million hydrogen power plant project.
Melissa Smith

What’s good for the environment and also promises a boost to the South Aussie job market? According to the Albanese and Malinauskas Governments, it’s the Port Bonython Hydrogen Hub, and they’ve teamed up to seal the deal in turning Port Bonython, near Whyalla into a buzzing hub of green energy.

$100 million is being pumped into this project to transform Port Bonython into South Australia’s first big-time hydrogen export terminal – we’re talking about clean, green hydrogen, the superhero of renewable energy.

So why does this matter? Well, this move is set to create jobs and push Australia closer to its dream of being a renewable energy powerhouse. With the governments chipping in, along with some private sector funds, there is a whopping $13 billion investment and a potential 1.8 million tonnes of hydrogen by 2030. That’s a lot of clean energy and “as the world seeks to decarbonise, hydrogen is emerging as a key commodity for reindustrialisation”, Energy and Mining Minister, Koutsantonis said.

South Australia, with its wide-open spaces, and tonnes of sunshine and wind, is gearing up to be a major player in the low-cost hydrogen game and the state government is not messing around – they’ve got a plan called the Hydrogen Jobs Plan, involving cooking up a hydrogen electrolyser, a power station, and a storage facility in the Spencer Gulf.

Adding to this, the Australian Government is throwing its weight behind the hydrogen revolution. They’re putting over half a billion dollars into creating Hydrogen Hubs in other regions too, like Pilbara, Kwinana, Gladstone, Townsville, the Hunter, and Bell Bay, planting green energy bubbles all over the country.

Recently, the Commonwealth Budget coughed up $2 billion for a Hydrogen Headstart program. This is a game-changer, with the goal being to catapult Australia into the lead of the accelerating global race for green hydrogen with Whyalla being a focus.

Why should you care? Well, by 2050, this hydrogen revolution is set to add a cool $50 billion to Australia’s GDP and roll out the red carpet for more than 16,000 jobs in regional areas. That’s not all – an extra 13,000 jobs will pop up during the construction of the renewable energy infrastructure needed to power this hydrogen party.

South Australia is making moves, turning dreams of a clean, green future into a reality. Get ready to witness the rise of the hydrogen hero which Climate Change and Energy Minister Bowen says “puts us on a path to become a renewable superpower.”


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