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Mid North school girl trades shearing shed for New York runway

Mid North teen shines on Times Square
Abbie Tiller

Mid North Teen Shines on Times Square

Shelby Marchant was getting down and dirty, roustabouting in a Mid North shearing shed one week, the next, she was standing in Times Square watching her face beamed around the Big Apple landmark, on the iconic New York billboards.

And once home, the incredibly versatile 13-year-old headed straight back and hit the school books, at St Joseph’s School in Peterborough.

How does a kid from the sticks reach such dizzying heights at such a young age you might ask? According to Mum, Tania Limburg, it’s a good balance of persistence, confidence and a little bit of sass.

A multifaceted talent, Shelby plays netball for Orrroroo, basketball for Peterborough, she’s a school sports captain, learns the guitar, and is a keen and budding country singer.

While walking the New York runway for Sunshine-Coast fashion label, Belle Le Chic, was a dream come true for the driven teen, it wasn’t the first time she’d graced the catwalk abroad. At the age of just seven, she competed in a modelling competition in Dallas, Texas. She has also won the Rising Star Award at Miss Fashion Week Australia.

Shelby’s world of modelling came about after following the footsteps of her older sister, who was training with The Mostly Kids Academy. Dedicated Mum, Tania, would make the three and a half hour trek from Peterborough to Adelaide twice each week, where both girls were educated in deportment and etiquette, public speaking and self-care – skills Tania said shone through on the New York runway.

“She carried herself so well,” she said. “I was probably more scared for her that she would trip over, and she was a little bit nervous, but she was amazing”.

For the mum of five, seeing her youngest daughter flash up on the Times Square billboards was “surreal”. And although she’s still got plenty of time to decide what her future holds, Shelby’s real passion focuses on fashion and design.

“One thing is certain – wherever she goes, Shelby is destined to leave an indelible mark on the fashion industry, forever altering the perception of beauty and style,” Tania said.



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