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Lameroo’s Mallee Masterpiece

Lameroo Silo Art
Lameroo Silo Art Project
Melissa Smith

Lameroo’s silo art celebrates farming spirit

Lameroo, in the Mallee region of South Australia, is known for its rich farming history and is now home to a stunning new landmark – a silo mural by world-renowned artist Sam ‘Smug’ Bates.

In just three weeks, the eastern silo at Lameroo’s Viterra site was adorned with a hyper-realistic portrait of a farmer gazing out at sunrise. This breath-taking mural pays tribute to the town’s agricultural heritage and the spirit of the Mallee people.

This exciting development caps off a tireless, three-year effort led by the passionate Lameroo Forward Inc. community group.

“This project beautifully reflects Lameroo’s deep connection to farming,” said Nicole McMahon, Chair of Lameroo Forward Inc. “It’s a tribute to the resilience of our pioneering families who built their lives on this land. The image captures the essence of the Mallee farmer – a symbol of unwavering hope and determination that continues to inspire us today.”

The Lameroo Silo Art Project is already attracting visitors to this vibrant patch of South Australia and joins the growing trend of silo art projects across the country. Communities are not only transforming these giant concrete cylinders into open-air galleries, but also injecting town pride, and celebrating the uniqueness of regional and rural areas.

The project wouldn’t have been possible without the support of generous local businesses, Viterra (the silo owners), and the Southern Mallee District Council.

But the Lameroo Silo Art Project isn’t quite finished. Funding from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) ensures the western silo will also get the ‘Smug treatment’ next year, adding another colourful chapter to Lameroo’s artistic story.

This stunning addition to Lameroo’s landscape is sure to become a highlight for passers-by and tourists exploring the silo art trail that winds its way through South Australia.

So next time you’re on the Mallee highway, take a detour to Lameroo and experience the Mallee spirit for yourself.

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