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Gladstone Subway Gets a Colourful Makeover

Gladstone Subway artwork by Mural Nomad. Photo by Northern Areas Council
Melissa Smith

Mural breathes new life into Gladstone’s historic tunnel

The historic Gladstone Subway got a makeover recently thanks to a collaboration between a travelling artist and the Gladstone Community Development and Tourism Association (GCDTA).

The artist behind this project is Patrycja Hannagan aka Mural Nomad, who uses art to connect people with nature. Her giant murals can be found all over Australia, leaving a splash of colour and breathing new life into dreary towns.

Before and after. Photos by Mural Nomad

For the Gladstone Subway, Mural Nomad created a stunning piece of art that reflects the town’s history and culture. Beyond just a pretty picture, the mural ignites a closer connection to the mid-north town.

This project was a real team effort, with funding from the Gladstone Community Services Club, Gladstone Art Committee, Northern Areas Council, and a bunch of volunteers from the GCDTA.

David Catford, President of the GCDTA said “Mural Nomad has captured the essence and highlights of Gladstone, crafting an extraordinary piece of art that will serve as a cornerstone for tourism for years to come.”

Mayor Sue Scarman echoed these sentiments pointing out the project’s potential to attract a new audience to the region while celebrating its rich history in a modern way. “The revitalisation of the Gladstone Subway offers a unique opportunity to showcase the town’s heritage in a dynamic and captivating way. This, coupled with initiatives like the Silver to Seaway, solidifies Gladstone as a premier destination in South Australia.”

To find out more about this and other projects by Mural Nomad, click here. 


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