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Get Creative on Yorke Peninsula this Summer

Melissa Smith

January Holiday Art Workshops for YP

Are you ready to unleash your inner artist and make the most of your summer holidays? The YP Summer Holiday Workshop Program 2024, proudly presented by the YP Arts and Culture Working Group in collaboration with Yorke Peninsula Council and Country Arts SA, offers an exciting line-up of workshops throughout January 2024. From painting to pottery, drawing and jewellery making, it’s a creative mash up for art lovers.

Check out what’s on offer…

Pottery Workshops with Meg Honner

Jump into the world of ceramics with Meg Honner and her ceramic painting and glazing workshop. This session allows you to paint pottery pieces with underglaze colours in a fun and relaxed environment. All materials are provided, and you can even bring your own drinks for this 18+ event. For those curious about wheel throwing, Meg offers a two-hour introduction to wheel throwing class, aptly named “Wheel & Wine.” If you’ve already tried the wheel, join the bonus trimming and painting workshop to add the finishing touches to your creations.

‘Representation to Abstraction’ Drawing Workshop with Alex Burford

Local artist Alex Burford will be hosting a unique drawing workshop at the Ballara Art and Lifestyle Retreat where guests can explore the transition from representation to abstraction in drawings, regardless of your artistic skill level. Alex will guide you through various techniques and hands-on exercises, providing valuable insights to help you develop your artistic style.

Mindfulness in Watercolour and Ink with Rachelle Plazeriano

Discover the art of mindfulness through watercolour and ink techniques with Rachelle Plazeriano. This workshop is designed for both beginners and experienced artists. Kids are also welcome to join a special watercolour painting event, where Rachelle will guide them through various techniques using an interactive ‘spin the wheel’ painting game.


Small Bird Sculptures with Pat Ingram

Renowned artist Pat Ingram invites guests to a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn to sculpt small bird sculptures from recycled materials. No prior experience is needed, making this workshop perfect for both beginners and art enthusiasts.

Love of Art – Drawing Workshop with Steve Renfrey

Steve Renfrey will be hosting an inspiring drawing workshop that caters to both beginners and experienced artists. Explore different mediums, experiment with shading and perspective, and receive personalised feedback to help improve your drawing skills.

Kids Art Workshops at Ballara Retreat with Rachelle Plazeriano and Jasmine Swales

For the young artists, Rachelle and Jasmine offer engaging workshops where kids can create their own abstract watercolour art book and learn to make personalised soaps. In other sessions, they can explore tie-dye techniques, choosing two projects from a variety of items like T-shirts, tea towels, napkins, pillowcases, socks, and tote bags. Additionally, they can dive into the underwater world in a watercolour painting workshop, creating colourful fish and sea creatures.

Silver Jewellery and Casting Workshops with Jasmine Swales

Jasmine Swales, co-owner of Studio Surf Art Gallery in Marion Bay, provides fun silver jewellery workshops where you can create sterling silver bezel-set rings, pendants, or earrings using basic and advanced silver-smithing techniques. Learn hand piercing, forming, soldering, bezel setting, burnishing, and polishing. If that’s not your style, Jasmine also holds workshops teaching the ancient art of casting jewellery in cuttlefish bone. Learn to carve cuttlefish bone to create unique moulds and capture natural textures for your designs in this organic and rustic process.


Youth Session – Silver Stacker Rings and Casting Workshop

Tailored for 12-18 year olds, the Youth Session offers a chance to create sterling silver stacker rings and learn new skills with peers, including hand sawing, forming, soldering, texturing and polishing, finishing up with a hand made treasure.


Don’t miss this opportunity during January to tap into your artistic skills, relax, and enjoy the creative atmosphere on the Yorke Peninsula.

For more information and registration head to the links below.
Painting, Drawing, Craft & Pottery, click here
Silver Jewellery Workshops, click here


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