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Gawler Cinema re-opens with a triple combo of offerings

“Hope” gives Gawler Cinema a new lease of life

The curtain has lifted once again on the Gawler Cinema, showing that a little bit of “hope” can go a long way!

After Wallis Cinemas announced their final curtain call in January, just 12 months after taking over from long-time owners John and Joy Thorp, the once-bustling twin cinema closed its doors. That was until September, when local Church group, Hope Central, opened the doors, cranked the projector and breathed a whole new lease on life into the Cinema complex.

“We were searching for a home for our Gawler congregation. We had looked at the Gawler Cinema previously, but the timing wasn’t right,” said Pastor Peter Heyworth.

But in July, the group took a leap of faith, purchasing the building and setting it up as a dual purpose facility, where they could congregate, while also preserving something iconic to Gawler and adding some unique new experiences along the way.

Not only is the group now at the help of the twin Cinema, showing a selection of newly released mainstream movies, special school holiday screenings, and the ever-popular Silver Screenings complete  delectable coffee and cake – but they have also transformed and redefined the Murray Street Cinema complex, with more reasons than ever before to pop in and check out the hub of activity.

Specially roasted coffee and recycled fashion boutique adds new dimension to the Cinema complex

Adding to the cinema experience, the group has introduced Curate Coffee, a vibrant coffee shop within the cinema complex. Curate Coffee boasts daily specials, featuring handmade lamingtons, treats, and toasted sandwiches, and offers a specially blended coffee, roasted for the Curate brand, with notes of cocoa, caramel, and toffee – the perfect way to complement the cinematic offerings.

Now, patrons can not only enjoy a movie and coffee in tandem, or catch up with friends over a specially “curated” cuppa, there’s also another layer to the Cinema makeover – the “Curate” Recycled fashion boutique. More than just a shopping destination, the new store is a commitment to sustainable fashion and a unique approach to reducing consumerism.  It’s like a high-end shopping experience without the price tag, where shoppers can explore a curated collection of recycled fashion items, “as if they were shopping in Gucci” Pastor Heyworth said.

Curate founder, Jodie Habernehl, believes every item of clothing has a story that should exist beyond a brief moment. Also a Hope Central Pastor, Jodie says Curate is an opportunity for her to help clothing find new homes. “I want to help people find pieces that make their wardrobe more functional and more unique.”

There are so many gorgeous pieces in store which are perfect for a special occasion or meaningful gifts, and spread the joy of sustainable giving.

The Cinema and Curate Recycled Clothing and Coffee are open Tuesdays to Fridays 9am until 5pm, with some night screenings scheduled due to popular demand.

For more details and to see what’s screening visit Gawler Cinema.


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