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Food for the Soul, Strength for the Mind – Suicide Prevention Night

Melissa Smith

Life can be tough and Mid North Suicide Prevention Network is here to help

The Mid-North Suicide Prevention Network is hosting an informative and engaging evening with three amazing guest speakers ready to share insights and resources to help navigate life’s tough times. Plus, there’ll be laughter – because sometimes, the best medicine is a good chuckle.

The night’s first speaker will be Stuart O’Neill, a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. He has turned his own experience with suicidal thoughts and depression into a life-saving resource, the book “Just One Reason.”

This book is a suicide prevention toolkit that offers a simple strategy for overcoming negative thoughts. Stuart will share his story and explain how finding “Just One Reason” to live can get you through the darkest times.

Following Stuart’s talk, and after a tasty supper, Dr. Alice Bennett, a gastroenterologist who lives in Crystal Brook, will delve into the world of the gut-mind connection. She’ll explain how what we eat can impact our physical and psychological well-being.

Dr. Bennett’s insights will be especially valuable for those looking to improve their overall health through food choices.

Comedian Marc Ryan, also known as The Beautiful Bogan, will end the evening on a high note. Marc uses humour to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and empower others through laughter.

A single father of three teenagers and someone who has battled PTSD himself, Marc understands the importance of open conversations about mental health and has made it his mission to change one life at a time through his performances.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable strategies for coping with mental health challenges, discover the link between food and mood, and enjoy some knee-slapping humour.

Stay With Us, Eat Well, & Laugh A Lot!
Friday June 21 – 6:30pm – 10pm
Where: Maple & Pine, Bundaleer Forest
45 Springs Rd, Bundaleer North
Cost: $25 including supper

For tickets and more information, click here.


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