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Disaster ready partnership set to equip SA youth

A State Government-funded collaboration between the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS), Australian Red Cross and Commissioner for Children and Young People Helen Connolly is set to empower the youth of South Australia to be disaster ready.

The Youth in Emergencies Development Program (YEDP) gives young people in Years 9-12 around the State the opportunity to work towards a Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award, and to enhance their disaster preparedness education in the face of the escalating impact of emergencies and disasters.

The internationally recognised award offers students the chance to become a youth leader in emergency management, gaining essential skills, connecting with like-minded peers, and bolstering access to higher education and job opportunities.

The team worked with young people from around South Australia to co-design the unique program, which imparts vital knowledge of emergency scenarios to its participants.

Applications for the Youth in Emergencies Development Program are now open to all South Australians enrolled in years 9-12.

For parents seeking to empower their children with life skills and ensure their safety in the face of emergencies, the YEDP offers a comprehensive and unparalleled experience.

Member for Waite, Catherine Hutchesson said she is passionate about building a resilient community and this program will ensure the young people of today are ready for the very real threat of the emergencies and disasters of the future.

“As a young person growing up in a high bushfire risk area, I know first-hand the ongoing impact the fear of a bushfire can have. Making sure our young people are more aware, that they have the tools they need to face emergencies head on, can only provide them with the resilience they need should an emergency like a bushfire occur.

The YEDP program, boosted by being a part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, gives opportunities for students from all schools to take part in the Award and at the same time gain knowledge and confidence to not only be prepared for emergencies but also learn about careers and volunteering opportunities that may be available within the emergency services and emergency management fields.”

For more information, or to apply for the program click here.


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