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Community Input Welcomed for Proposed Land Rezoning in South East

Melissa Smith

Wattle Range Council submits application to rezone ten parcels of land in the Lower South East

The Labor Government is inviting the community to have their say in the upcoming consultation regarding a significant rezoning proposal in the State’s South East, specifically in the areas around Millicent, Penola, Beachport, and Glencoe.

The proposed changes align with the Council’s 25 Year Strategic Land Use Plan, aiming to accommodate the anticipated growth in housing and employment as nearby major centres, Mount Gambier and Robe, experience population surges.

If approved, the rezoning would pave the way for a broader range of housing options, including rural living opportunities, as well as accommodation and employment facilities strategically positioned near town centres. The application emphasises the preservation of productive farming land in the area while also bolstering the region’s status as a robust tourism destination.

Minister for Planning, Nick Champion, commented, “This is a major rezoning application which would apply to ten different areas across the Lower South East, and I think it’s great the Council is looking at ways to provide more housing in the community.”

Concerns about the local property market stress in the South East, driven by a growing population and remarkably low rental vacancies, prompted the proposal. The consultation seeks to gather feedback from the local community on the potential impacts of the rezoning.

Member for Mackillop, Nick McBride, a vocal advocate for enhancing housing supply, expressed his support, saying, “I have been working with all tiers of government to seek solutions to the housing shortage that exists across my electorate. I am pleased the Wattle Range Council is taking a proactive approach by seeking to open up land for development.”

Wattle Range Council CEO Ben Gower highlighted the comprehensive Strategic Land Use Plan developed in collaboration with 13 townships over a 12-month period. He stated, “After reviewing the amount of land available for development, we then initiated the above Code Amendments to address any gaps in the property market. Now that the Minister has approved the initiation of the Code Amendments, we would like to hear from our communities once again to ensure there are no surprises before they are implemented. Further consultation sessions will be occurring in mid-2024.”

The proposed rezoning option aims to address housing shortages and boost economic development, with community feedback playing a crucial role in shaping the outcome. Residents are encouraged to actively participate in the consultation process to ensure the proposed changes align with the community’s needs and expectations.


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