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Chasing Resolutions and Dodging Dad-Bods with Fat Farmers

Fat Farmers City to Bay
Photo Fat Farmers 2023 City to Bay

Join the Fat Farmers Fitness Revolution

Now that the calendar has flipped and 2024 is upon us, a familiar tradition rears its head – the New Year’s resolution – a magical time when we promise ourselves that this year, we’ll be fitter, healthier, and perhaps even a tad smarter. It’s the season of good intentions and gym memberships that often collect more dust than sweat.

Cue Fat Farmers, a group of growers from Maitland on Yorke Peninsula, SA, who, in 2010, decided that trading their footy days for a life of leisure shouldn’t mean embracing the “dad bod” too eagerly. Greg Hean, Ben Wundersitz, and Scott Hoyle are the pioneers of this fitness frontier and dubbed themselves the “Fat Farmers”. The idea grew, and soon, the Maitland crew expanded as other rural communities got wind of this fitness phenomenon.

Greg said “Back in the early days, we had a few sessions in the gym, then made it a goal to take part in the City to Bay in 2012. It was the catalyst to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Group sessions and getting together with other farmers really makes you aware of the importance of your health – both mental and physical. Without that, everything else falls apart.” Ben added that “getting together with other farmers cannot be over-rated. Farming is such a solitary lifestyle so joining others for a fitness session and a good chat is fantastic therapy. I always go away from a gym session feeling positive.”

Fat Farmers

The Fat Farmers aren’t your typical Lycra-clad fitness enthusiasts. They embrace all shapes and sizes, fully aware that in country Australia, time is as precious as rain. Their mission is to inspire farmers and rural folk to break a sweat for the sake of their health and well-being.

Now, in 2024, Fat Farmers have spread their roots far beyond Yorke Peninsula. From almond farms to grape growers, there are now 15 “Fat Farmers” fitness groups dotted across South Australia and one in NSW, with more starting soon. Groups cater to all sorts of communities and people including school kids looking to burn off energy, and retirees trying to prove they’ve still got some pep in their step.

And the secret sauce is simply the joy of getting together, breaking a sweat, and more than likely sharing a few jokes about trying to outrun the inevitable march of time.

With groups scattered across the state, each with its volunteer Team Coordinator – the unsung heroes keeping this fitness frenzy on the road – the Fat Farmers are proof that community, laughter, and a bit of sweat can make even the most daunting fitness journey an enjoyable one.

So, with the New Year upon us, consider finding your local Fat Farmers group, and maybe this year, you’ll finally outrun that dad bod – or at least share a good laugh about it with some like-minded people.

To find out more about Fat Farmers and how you can become involved click here.


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