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“Beyond Words” – town pride beams in Keith mural

Photo – Sarah Cunningham

A brilliant new mural in Keith’s Dugan Street has captured the essence of the close-knit community, in a patriotic display of the town’s most cherished treasures.

What began as an idea for a mural on the exterior wall of Keith’s Beyond Words Book Shop evolved into a community-driven project, with overwhelming input from locals.

Artist Julia Davis with the stunning Dugan Street Mural.

Painted by talented artist and former local, Julia Davis, the Dugan Street mural is a vivid celebration of the town’s icons and services. The colourful shelf of books pays homage to the town’s sporting pride, the Keith Crows, the rich farming history, and the late Andy Caldecott, a legendary off-road motorcyclist who tragically died competing in the Dakar Rally.

Prominently featured on the mural is a book titled “Help is on its way,” a tribute to the town’s dedicated volunteer emergency services. There’s also a nod to Keith’s famous Diesel and Dirt Derby, the local school, aged care home, golf club and the natural beauty of nearby hiking summit, Mount Monster.

Anyone who’s ever passed through the Highway town with kids, will no doubt be familiar with Don Mosley Park – a popular place to stretch the legs and watch the kids ride the mini monorail. The tale of the lush green park also sits upon the bookshelf on the Dugan Street mural, despite a new chapter coming soon!

Don Mosley Park is about to undergo a major re-development, which also promises to speak to the region’s identity. The famous little train will remain, and upgrades will include more accessibility, increased nature play and some kid’s farming equipment, which will no doubt make it tough to get little travellers back in the car!


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