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South Aussie country communities are a formidable force, close to the hearts of Mid North writers, Melissa Smith and Abbie Tiller.

The pair first combined their creative minds in 2021 to host a light-hearted Podcast, sharing “real, raw and honest” content, which they plan to carry over to GSA, in a similarly “down to earth” style, but with fewer unsolicited opinions and profanities!

“There are some incredible stories in this big, beautiful State. We want to celebrate the people and the communities surviving and thriving on the power of volunteers and give businesses a platform to share their successes outside of their own regions.”

With a farming and journalism background, Abbie has worked in regional newspapers, taking out a string of awards early in her career – but it was a recent stint as a Journalist and Content Creator in a city-based media outlet, that reinforced her desire to connect and promote “her people”.

“Regional South Aussies really are the caretakers of their own communities. The stereotype of this simplistic lifestyle we live is so far from reality. We clock off from our day jobs and clock on to our voluntary roles. We work hard to maintain and grow services and facilities as well as a stable environment for future generations. Country people are the most hard working, forward thinkers, and that needs to be celebrated, as we move regional media into the changing world as well.”

Growing up as the “Postie’s daughter”, Melissa also knows a thing or two about regional communities. The creative blogger, raising farm kids and volunteering on more committees than she can count, is looking forward to seeing GSA’s vision evolve.

“I’m excited to be a part of GSA and to bring together and showcase the passion, innovation and uniqueness of rural SA in a way that hasn’t been done before. It’s a new era of regional media encompassing the whole of SA where people can celebrate each other, share ideas and grow together, making SA Greater.”