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$550,000 upgrade for Divers at Edithburgh Jetty

Abbie Tiller

Edithburgh jetty, one of the State’s premier diving locations, will receive a five and a half million dollar upgrade to improve access for divers and snorkelers exploring the region’s diverse and rare marine life.

Yorke Peninsula Council was successful in securing close to $550,000 to install a new staircase with platforms, in the Australian Governments Growing Regions Program. Edithburgh Progress Association will contribute a further $10,000 towards the upgrade.

Yorke Peninsula Council CEO, Andrew Cameron said the dive stairs project was developed in collaboration with the local community and key stakeholders, and both the Edinburgh community and the wider diving and snorkelling community were excited for the project to commence.

“The project will allow safe access to the water for all users and is also specifically designed to benefit divers and snorkelers who frequent Edithburgh jetty as one of Australia’s premier underwater ecosystems,” he said.

New access stairs on the north side of the jetty will be installed, replacing the former northern steps which were decommissioned after being irreparable since 2018. Platforms at different heights will allow easy access for divers regardless of the tides. The stairs will sit atop a submerged cube structure featuring artificial reef panels to further enhance the underwater ecosystem and appeal for visitors.

Edithburgh jetty is considered one of the best diving locations in South Australia, including being ranked first in the state by Diving Adelaide, for its diverse and rare marine life including the pyjama squid and leafy sea dragon.

“This is a key reason the jetty is a major tourism driver for Yorke Peninsula, with more than 50,000 visitors per year, a number that grows almost six per cent year on year,” Mr Cameron said.

“We look forward to now delivering the project which will be a major upgrade for Edithburgh jetty.”

If you’re curious to explore what lies deep beneath the Edithburgh jetty without getting wet, you can dive into a live view of the underwater action right here, thanks to AusOcean and SA Water.


Marine life beneath the Edithburgh jetty. Pics by David Place – Friends of the Edithburgh Jetty


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