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The Ocean Film Festival World Tour Arrives in Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor
Pic – Ocean Film Festival Australia
Melissa Smith

Explore the Ocean at Victor Harbor Without Getting Wet

Buckle up for a deep dive into the world’s oceans at the Ocean Film Festival World Tour, hitting Victor Harbor on Saturday, June 22.

The Victa Cinema will be your portal for a three-hour adventure packed with incredible ocean footage.

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour includes a unique selection of films from all over the world documenting the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrating the divers, surfers, sailors, paddlers, swimmers and oceanographers who are awestruck by the deep blue.

Get ready for mind-blowing underwater scenes, amazing cinematography and inspiring stories from passionate people, leaving the cinema with a newfound appreciation for our amazing planet.

This festival is also about inspiring you to explore, respect, and protect the ocean.

Don’t miss your chance to witness the magic as well as learn about the challenges facing our planet.

Ocean Film Festival World Tour 2024
When: Saturday June 22, 7pm
Where: Victa Cinema, 37-41 Ocean St, Victor Harbor

More information and tickets, click here. 


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