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Love is in the “Eyre” on Farmer Wants a Wife 2025

Picture – Channel 7
Melissa Smith

Will South Australia’s Farmer Thomas Finally Find Love?

Can you believe we are here again talking about Farmer Wants a Farmhand Wife? I dunno about you but I’ve only just recovered from last season – the shittest season in Farmer history.

But now a brand new batch of eight farmers is up for the pickin’, with two unlucky roosters to be culled before season fifteen  of the cringeworthy popular love-matching show airs next year.

Last season ended under a cloud of controversy with fans disgruntled with the seemingly scripted and heavily edited show. Nonetheless, Channel 7 is gearing up for another crack at playing cupid.

With last year’s love seeking South Aussies, Farmer Nick and Farmer Zac being ousted from the top eight, and only Eastern State farmers making the final crop, all bets are off as to whether our only South Australian contestant, Farmer Thomas from Kimba will get some TV love action. *Cue the bath scene.

Once again the producers couldn’t find any mature aged farmers looking for love but they managed to find two Tom’s and three Jack’s to fill their quota.

Here’s what we know so far…


South Australia’s Farmer Thomas

South Aussie, Farmer Thomas, is the senior of the group coming in at a rickety 35 years old. He farms wheat, barley and lentils on the state’s West Coast. Standing at 6ft 4″, this footy-playing farmer fits the bill for those who go weak at the knees for “tall, dark and handsome”. On the weekends when he’s not volunteering for the local CFS he likes to hit the stunning coastline of the Eyre Peninsula to soak up the sun and surf. Nicknamed “Frothie”, this down-to-earth broad-acre cropper would someday like to have some “mini farmhands” – aka children. Ideally, he’d like three but that’s “negotiable with his wife”. Good to know Frothie, good to know.



Farmer Corey

Well, I’m calling it early. Sports-loving Biloela hotty, 24-year-old Farmer Corey will have a long lineup of sisterwives to choose from and he will be the reason that this old farmer’s wife will tune in! That toothy grin and thick Aussie accent will break hearts #teamcorey.



Farmer Jack L

Farmer Jack L is a 26-year-old musical dairy farmer from Tassy. When he’s not playing music, he likes to dabble in woodwork and home mechanics. This land lovers’ dream date is a night at the pub, belting out a karaoke tune, so you’d better warm up your vocal cords for some harmonies. Although close to his family, Jack recognises that there’s a “gap they can’t fill”. It’s safe to say that Jack won’t be marrying his cousin. Sweet relief for this Tasmanian.



Farmer Jarrad

Not many people long to get married at 21 years of age, but Farmer Jarrad can sew, cook and clean, so I guess he’s the exception to more than one rule. It seems the music vibe is strong this season. Farmer Jarrad is a singer/songwriter and describes himself as “A fella with a guitar, a hat and a story to tell”. He’s fast making a name for himself in the Country music world. Maybe this farmer is after a roadie and a record deal instead of a wife?



Farmer Tom

Thirty-one-year-old sheep farmer Tom hails from Borambola in New South Wales. He likes to belt out tunes by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry while he shears his beloved stupid sheep “cheeky sheep”. He creates surprise picnics for the women he adores and writes love notes too. But Tom has an unusual request – his future wife “must like orange juice because I squeeze it with freshly picked oranges from my farm”. It’s citrus-lovers only for the father of one who is keen to pop out some more rug-rats. Shedding tears during his introduction video, the Borambola blonde might be another “Teary Tom”.



Farmer Jack

Cattleman, Farmer Jack, hails from Oberon in New South Wales. With farming in his blood, this 26-year-old is passionate about keeping up the family tradition. President of the Oberon Rodeo Association and a National Title winner, Jack claims that there’s nothing more he loves to do than ride bulls. So whack on a pair of horns ladies, pull on your Ariats and add Zach Bryan to your playlist for this cowboy.



Farmer Reidy

Who needs Bert and his pineapples when you have Farmer Reidy with Bananas and Avocados? Two of the most temperamental fruits in the entire world will be fresh for the picking for one lucky lady!  Named Jack, but known as Reidy because the producers are idiots and chose three Jacks, this grinning runner from Mareeba in Far North Queensland is well-travelled and LIKES TO KEEP A NICE HOUSE. Run don’t walk girls, but be prepared for some sweaty labour as it’s clear that Farmer Reidy wants his future wife to double as a farm hand.


Farmer Chooka

Self-proclaimed funny man, Farmer Chooka, reckons he’s the life of the party but has never been in love! No one knows his real name except his mum and Chooka’s pet Emu. It’s probably Jack. Cattle, sheep and cropping keep this second-generation farmer busy on his farm at Goornong in Victoria. With dreams of building a homestead by the river, he just needs a Mrs Chooka and three or four chicks to complete the picture.

The 2025 season of Farmer Wants a Wife will air early next year. To find out more about the farmers and apply to be a sisterwife find true love, head to

*Photos – Channel 7


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